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Exclusively Pumping Help!!

I've been exclusively pumping for my son since he was born in October. I seem to have an oversupply of milk since I have almost 5 gallons in the freezer in addition to what I'm feeding him. I'm a little worried now though--the past few pumpings seem to be very heavy on foremilk and low on hindmilk. In addition, my son's diapers have been bright yellow-green (he is exclusively breastfed and I think he's teething too). But after looking at my milk I'm worried it's a foremilk-hindmilk imbalance. Have any other EP-ing mamas had this issue before? How do you correct it when you're exclusively pumping? I've had such trouble finding support or information about breastfeeding when you're exclusively pumping and this is no exception, so if anyone out there has had this problem or knows anything, I'd really appreciate hearing about it! Thank you!!!!

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