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Weston's Home Birth *spoiler alert: he didn't wait for the MW*

I had my baby boy on Saturday morning!  I was not expecting to go into labor, 2 weeks early as a FTM.  I have a very unusual birth story I wanted to share because this entire pregnancy I had been preparing for a long labor and I wish I would have prepared mentally for a short labor as well! 

*I had planned to have a home water birth with a midwife and doula.  I've been seeing the midwife for all of my prenatal care.  I just had my home visit with her on Monday.  

On Saturday around midnight I started having contractions but I wasn't sure if that's what they were at first. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, so that's what I did for a little while.

I decided to get my cell phone and time them around 12:40AM and they were 45-60 seconds long, coming 4 minutes apart. I kept thinking no, I'm doing something wrong, that can't be right. First time labor is supposed to be really, really slow and sporadic. But my contractions were not sporadic and very regular. I got my husband around 1AM and told him I thought I was starting labor. Right after that I went back to the bathroom and noticed I had a bloody show. I tried to go back to bed and I kept telling myself, this can't be happening, I'm not ready yet, I still have stuff to do...I thought early labor was easy and this hurts!

I texted my midwife around 2AM and she told me to get rest, it would likely be awhile. I just kept thinking that something was wrong because I was starting to be in serious pain and I could not lay down and sleep. I left my husband in the bedroom so he could sleep and I started pacing my living room and trying to find ways to sit or stand - anything to relieve the back pain. I decided to take a shower, I always heard that can slow down labor and offer relief, it did help me relax a bit but no relief. The only thing that felt relieving was sitting on the toilet. With each contraction I just wanted to push and I wasn't sure if that's how contractions are, it seemed to be happening too fast and not any relief between contractions.

At 3AM I texted my midwife again and told her the contractions were coming 2 minutes apart and were 35-60 seconds long. Right after I sent that text to her, I started having serious back pain. I was screaming and moaning through each contraction and it woke my husband up, he found me on the toilet of course!  I told him to go outside and open the hot tub for me because all I wanted to do was sit in that hot water with the whirlpool jets on my back. As I was outside screaming/moaning in pain (we live in the woods, no neighbors) he was in the living room pumping the birth pool with air. At one point I wasn't getting any breaks in the contractions and I reached down and felt a gush of cold water on my hands. I knew my water broke AND THEN I COULD FEEL MY BABY'S HEAD. I started screaming for my husband to call the midwife, I could feel the head. He called her about 3:30AM and she was on her way. She told him that the hot tub was speeding up my labor and he needed to get me out of there. I was in so much pain I wasn't moving.

When I took a shower earlier, I threw my towel in the corner of my living room and as soon as I saw it, I just spread it on the floor and stayed on top of it on all fours. The contractions stopped being painful in that position and I didn't have to scream anymore.  Meanwhile my husband is starting to hook up the hose and fill the birth pool.  With each contraction came pushing and I could feel the baby's head coming out further and further. I started to feel that burning sensation and I told my husband to stop bothering with the birth pool, there was no way I was going to get to use it. I squatted after a contraction and the baby came right out into my hands. It was incredible. I couldn't believe it. My husband screamed IS HE BREATHING? And Weston started to cry and whine right away. His eyes were open and he looked at me. I wasn't scared, I knew he was alive and okay, also the midwife was on her way.  

I stayed squatting over the towel, holding my baby and the midwife showed up about 5 minutes later. He was born at 4:09AM. It was completely crazy. I can't believe it went down that way. But, I am happy it's over with and it was relatively short!

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Re: Weston's Home Birth *spoiler alert: he didn't wait for the MW*

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