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I am fine most of the day but just recently I started to just break down and cry I am trying to rest when my son does but I find it hard to. Is there anything I can do to help with the crying and hopelessness

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  • Talk to your doctor! They can help you in deciding what is best for this situation. Some things that also help me when feeling down is getting fresh air, even just sitting outside on the porch or opening a window near you for a few mins! It's still cold w
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  • I'm on my phone, so I can't see if you have a ticker. How old is your son? I felt this way for the first 2 weeks. I wear my LO when I need to get things done around the house. This way she is happy and I have two free hands.
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    My son is a week n 4 days

    Once you get adjusted and into a daily groove you will feel better. I
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    The first two weeks were like that for me. Every evening I would just cry, sometimes for no reason, sometimes because I was thinking about a couple of things I struggled with. I agree getting fresh air when you can, it made a big difference. I also talked

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  • I have been feeling the same way. DH goes back to work tomorrow and I'm feeling particularly anxious. I'm about to make a list of things to do tomorrow around the house to see if that will keep my mind off the fact that he won't be here. I have become so
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  • I was like this the first two weeks as well. It is a big adjustment but it does get better. If you feel like it is getting worse definitely tell your doctor and reach out to family and friends for extra support. Also, telling new moms to sleep when their
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  • I basically did nothing but take care of my baby and randomly cry for the first four weeks of DS's life.  I would cry at songs, commercials (the Subaru one where the dad puts his daughter on the school bus was a doozie); but I would also just cry

  • Cugt yourself some slack. I had to take a step back and a deep breath! I had to remind myself that of course it is going to be depressing dedicating my entire blood, sweat, tears, body, and soul to a baby. I keep holding on to what everyone tells me...It
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    My son is a week n 4 days

    when DS was born, the first 10 days were to worst of my entire l

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  • My father died when I was 7 months pregnant with my first after 2 miscarriages.  I often think how he never met her and if my first or second pregnancy had gone to term he could have.  It's always a bawl-fest.  That with the purple crying a
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