Culturelle question xp from December 2012

LO has had diarrhea for the last 2 weeks, no fever, eating well, sleeping well, not overly fussy. The pedi recommended culturelle to try and restore the bacteria balance in her tummy. They recommended a half a capsule twice a day in her milk. Has any one used this on LO before and did it work?I am BF so I know it's not a formula problem. I'm wondering when I should begin to question if it's something I'm eating. Are there any specific foods that you find makes LO extra gassy or causes bm problems?TIA.  
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Re: Culturelle question xp from December 2012

  • I have used BioGaia and now currently am using FloraBaby for DD (never used Culturelle). She has been on probiotics mostly since about 6 weeks. She was getting fussy and having a hard time with gas and going to the bathroom. Our pedi recommended it and it
  • Another December mom recommended BioGaia. I saw this in the baby section at Walgreens and am thinking about going back and making a swap so I don't have to try and change the dosages. 
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  • My LO has also been taking BioGaia for a couple of months.  It really does help with the painful gas she has had. 

    I'm not familiar with Culterelle, but it looks to be quite a bit less expensive.  I've also heard of some other mom

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