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Feeling overwhelmed w/ two kids

I have two LOs... DS is almost 3 yo and DD is almost 5 mos. Honestly, I never anticipated it being this hard. I feel OVERWHELMED with all the running around and being pulled in two different directions. Also, DS was a much easier baby then DD is. It's a much different experience and I am exhausted. DD catnaps like crazy so I can barely get anything done and she has her super fussy moments and wakes up all night with what I think is the 4MWP. DS is in his terrible 2's and is super defiant at times, which I know is normal, but I find it so hard to deal with his tantrums sometimes. And now he is waking up super early now to boot.  DH works late and long hours and I miss working so much (I'm a SAHM). I'm hoping things get easier once the baby gets older and DS and her can play together. Just needed to get that out! : )

Re: Feeling overwhelmed w/ two kids

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