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Pumping at work

How many times a day?  How long each time?  And how much per session do you get?


I bf at home.  I pump at work.  I pump 2 times a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon.  I go nurse Cam at lunch.  I have to pump for 30 minutes each time and only get 4-5 oz each time.  It sucks.  I am taking fenugreek and still barely get enough.  I need 10 oz a day. 

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Re: Pumping at work

  • I pump twice, sometimes three times.

    I usually get a lot the first time, 8-10 oz

    and then about 5 each time after that. I need 18 oz a day 

  • I pump 3x a day.

    10:00am--10 mins--Generally get 2.5-3 oz

    12:30pm--20-25 mins--Generally get 3-3.5 oz

    3:30pm--10 mins--Generally get 2 oz

    I need at least 10 oz to send to daycare, so when I don't get enough I have to mak

  • If I work 7-3, I usually don't feed her before I leave in the morning, so I pump around 10 and get 8--10oz, then I pump one more time around 1pm and get 5-7oz. She usually sleeps til 11 or 12 and eats 4-6 oz from a bottle and then waits for me to get h

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  • I get 3-4 sessions in at work, depending how early I get in.  If I get in early enough I will pump before work, which I only get 1ounce at the most (since I would have just fed LO) but I notice it does "rev" my breasts for the pump.  Then I p

  • 6:30 breastfeed

    9:05 pump 30-45 min.  6-10 oz.

    11:00 breastfeed or

    12:15 pump 30-45 min. 4-6 oz.

    3:30-4:00 breastfeed 

    She drinks 8-12 oz. 

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  • 6 am breastfeed

    7am pump for 20 minutes 4-7 oz

    12pm pump for 20 minutes 5-8 oz

    3:30pm pump for 20 minutes 5- 7 oz

    4:30pm breastfeed

    LO drinks 12-14oz a day

    I average 18oz. I drink at least one water bottle, eat oatme

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  • I pump once in the morning while I put my makeup on. It is about a 15 min session. I pump once at lunch time at work. It is about a 15 min session and I pump once in the evening before bed. It is also about a 15 min session. Total I get right at 16oz mayb
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  • Bf at 530
    Pump in the car at 7 for 30 to 40 min gets 6 to 8 oz
    Pump at 11ish for 15 gets 4 to 6
    Pump at 2ish for 15 gets 4 to 6
    Pump in the car at 6 for 30 gets 6 to 8

    I send 24 to dc, he usually comes home with one, b
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  • Pump in the car at 7am x20min, amount depends on when I last BF, get 3-7oz.

    Pump 10ish x20min, get ~4oz.

    Pump 1ish x20min, get 3-4oz.

    Pump in the car at 5ish x20min, get 3-4oz.

    Between MH, who gives one bottle in the morning aft


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  • BF at 5am and at daycare at 7am before I leave.
    Pump for 20 to 30 minutes at 11 and get 4 to 5 oz.
    Pump at 2 for 20 min and get 3 to 4 oz.
    Pump at 4 or 4:30 for 20 to 30 min and get 2 to 3 oz.
    Feed twice in the evening and pump
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  • I pump twice a day, once around 11am and once again around 3 or 4pm.  I get the most in the mornings, but on average I get about 10 to 12 ounces a day.  It sounds like LO is eating an average of 16 ounces at daycare, though, so I've had to send
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  • I pump 3 times a day, 12 minutes each time normally. Up until I got sick 2 weeks ago I typically got 13 ounces a day - 5 ounces in the first, and 4 ounces in the second two. For the past two weeks I have been struggling and am only getting about 10 a d

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  • I pump one side at 5:30 and get 4 to 5 oz.
    I nurse the other side at 6:10, sometimes she'll eat from both sides.

    Pump 10 min at 7:30, get 2 oz.

    nurse at 11:15.

    Pump at 2 for 15 min and get around 3 to 4 oz. <b

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  • I usually pump twice at work. 3 times if he takes a 3rd bottle. I get about 6 oz a time he eats just over 5.


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  • I EP. I pump 6x a day. I get about 5oz each of the three times I pump at work.
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    Wow I'm really impressed with what you all got by pumping and how much your LO drink at daycare. I breastfeed my LO at 7h am and then my husband feed him 4oz at 10h30 and an other 4 oz at 2 pm. At 5pm I breastfeed him again. so i need 8 oz per day. I p

  • I feed at 4:30 / 5:00 am depending on day and then pump at 7:30 / 8:00 - I almost always get 5.5 ounces - takes about 20 mins

    I then pump at 10:30 ish and get about 2.5 - 3.5 ounces in about 15 mins (and I can pump l

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  • Oh meant to add to that - I pump in a room of 7 mothers (we sometimes pump together or apart we are all very friendly and support each other).  Some moms get like 10 ounces a pump session - some get like 2 - it seems to coordinate with what
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  • image sdude:
    Wow I'm really impressed with what you all got by pumping and how much your LO drink at daycare. I breastfeed my LO at 7h am
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