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NOT Introducing Toddler to LO at the hospital?

So I'm considering not having my 2.5 year old daughter visit us in the hospital and wondered what other mom's could share about their own experience to maybe help me decide.

I've only ever been away from DD over night once in her life for a girl's weekend, but we talked on the phone and she was totally fine. So I don't think she'll have a problem being away from me for a couple nights. But I wonder if it would be upsetting for her to actually come see me and the new baby together and then have to leave us. Plus hospitals are weird places for kids, I might have tubes in my arms and all... I just feel like that would be harder on her then if she was just sort of oblivious to the whole situation until we get home and then life can go on. Or maybe have her come over on discharge day so we're headed home shortly after her visit at least? I don't know, just trying to decide what would be easiest for her. Any thoughts?

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Re: NOT Introducing Toddler to LO at the hospital?

  • DS is almost 2.5. We decided it would be best for him to meet DD at home in our own environment.

    I think just being in a strange place, where he'd have to leave us again, would be overwhelming to him.

    We just got home today an
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  • DH didn't spend the second night in the hospital with me, both because it's hard for family to watch DS and because we wanted to keep his routine at least a little. So, the second day, DH picked DS up and brought him to the hospital to meet DS2. He was re
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  • My 2.5 yr old son was not able to come up do to flu restrictions.  I was upset but in hindsight it was best.  I think he would have freaked out having to leave the hospital.  When we brought the baby home I came in the house first with lunc
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  • DS1 is 21 months... He came to the hospital to meet DS2... It was kind of a mess... He wanted me and I couldn't hold him due to a csection... It made him sad. He wanted to push all the buttons.. He wanted to hold "momma's baby."
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    I have 4 year olds and I haven't come up with our plan yet.  I think a lot depends on when I finally deliver (time of day and day of week), who is watching DDs, and how long I wind up staying at the hospital.  I think they'd be fine at the hospi
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  • I only spent one night in the hospital. DH stayed at home with DS1. DS asked about me, looked for me, and sighed when DH told him I was at the hospital and not home. DH brought DS to the hospital when we were ready for discharge. My son was so happy to

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  • DS1 met DS2 at the hospital.  DS1 is very independant and was completely fine leaving me.  This time around, my boys couldn't visit us because the hospital wouldn't allow anyone under 18 to visit.  Again, the kids handled it really well.&nb

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  • Thanks so much for your stories, mamas! I appreciate the insight. I think unless I have to stay for a prolonged period of time, I'm going to have her come to pick me up from the hospital. I like the idea of us all going home together. Thanks again!

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  • We were going to have DS come to the hospital the day after the baby was born to meet his brother, but of course, he came down with a fever. So he met him at home the day after.

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