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I need some variety in Reece's breakfast. He hated oatmeal when he was younger but it was the infant oatmeal. What kind of oatmeal are you giving your LO? I need simple stuff for the daycare too.

Thanks!! :)

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Re: Oatmeal

  • We give Allison the Quaker Instant Oatmeal...she gobbles it up!  We have done all different flavors, her favorite are the fruit and cream variety packs...

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  • I make malt I meal with some cinnamon milk and a lil sugar, Elijah loves it!
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  • I buy the plain quick cooking oats. I do 1/4 of oats with 1/2 of water in the microwave for about 1.5 minutes and sometime throw a few raisins in while it's cooking. When it's done I put a little bit of no sugar added applesauce and some cinnamon and Ryan
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  • I give daisy Quaker instant oatmeal all the times she loves it!
  • He will only eat the baby oatmeal.  He looooves waffles though - he will seemingly eat any of the Vans brand waffles. Just as easy.  DC here asked me to send whole wheat toast for him, as he always tries and somes succeeds in stealing toast from
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  • I do the little packets of instant quaker oatmeal.  She has liked the maple and brown sugar and peaches & cream the best so far.


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  • Yeah, we just give Rowan regular oatmeal now, though we haven't worked our way up to Steel Cut. She likes it quite a lot, especially the Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pecan oatmeal. I make it with whole milk instead of water for her. 
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