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Introducing fruits and veggies

How much oatmeal does your 5 month old eat?  Also how often?  When did you introduce veggies and fruits?  And did you still feed oatmeal with them or seperate? I was told by my pedi not to start until 6 months but I see a couple of my friends starting veggies as early at 4.5 months.  I think it is way to early but I am wondering what others do?
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Re: Introducing fruits and veggies

  • Our ped recommended 6 mos, also, and to start by adding it to her cereal. She currently eats about 1/8 C. (measured dry) of rice cereal 2x a day.
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  • Sounds like I am on the right path.  Although I know I shouldn't compare my LO to others, I just don't know what to do as far as fruits and veggies are concerned.  I just saw my friend feed her 4.5 month old green beans on FB and I'll tell yo

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  • 4.5 mos seems way too early to add fruits/veggies, IMO. But I'm not a doctor :) 
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  • Many, many people skip cereals altogether, since they have very little nutritional value, and start right with fruits and veggies. What is your pediatrician's reasoning for waiting?
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  • We just started cereal this past weekend.  We will start veggies after his 6 month appointment.
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  • We just started purees, and LO is eating about 1/2 a tbsp of oatmeal or sweet potato 2x a day. He's 5 months old. I plan to keep them separate for another day or two, and then start mixing them, and then start a new veggie or fruit. 


  • We skipped cereal with DD1 because the lack of nutrients, and went straight to veggies at 4 mos. As long as a child shows signs of being ready for solids, 4-6 mos is acceptable time to start. With DD2 I am starting when she shows me signs that she is read
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  • Our pedi told us to start with what we wanted. It's more your child learning the mechanics of eating than getting nutrients because they start with so little anyway. That being said, we do want our LO to get the most nutrients out of what we do choose,

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  • Well, I'm in the minority here but I started rice cereal at 3 months and veggies at 4 months...We've also given baby tastes of soup broths I've made at home and pureed pinto beans.  I wait a few days between new foods but my pediatrician said ther

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  • At DS's 4m appt, his pedi says we can start veggies and fruits when he's ready, but he suggests we skip cereal altogether.

    We started DS on solids at 4m1wk.  I make all his foods.  He's already eating banana, mango, avocado, Brussels sp

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  • We're planning on skipping cereal and starting LO on oatmeal and avocado at 6 months if he's sitting up on his own by then. I'm not comfortable with feeding a baby baby food until they can, and the general recommendation is 6 months.
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  • My LO is 5 months. He's had rice cereal in his bottle since7 weeks old for reflux. At 4 month appointment pedi had us start cereal. We did 3 days of rice and then switched to oatmeal. She had us gradually work our way up from one teaspoon to 2 tablespo

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  • We skipped cereal altogether due to the lack of nutritional value.  Our pedi agreed...she did it with her 5 yr old, but skipped it with her 3 yr old and won't be doing it with her currently 2 month old.  We began pureed veggies at just over 4 mo
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  • We skipped cereals as well. We started with sweet potatoes a few weeks ago. He's had banana and peas also. We are moving on to green beans next.

    He's a little over 4 months so I've been giving him a new food for 3 days and then 1 day no food jus

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  • DS has sensitive tummy, can only eat Gerber Soothe so we are also skipping cereal b/c pediatrician said it can give babies GI issues especially if they've already had sensitive tummy issues. Starting with fruit & veggies at 6 mos, formula until then.
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