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MIL sit down - WWYD?

Hi!  I posted last Tuesday about issues with my MIL, you may remember (I don't expect you to!).  I had called to apologize about a misunderstanding between the two of us, and she basically blasted me for everything she thought I'd done wrong over the last 5 years.  (You may remember she said I caused her rheumatoid arthritis because she didn't sit in the front row at our son's Christening and this stressed her out.  This is what I'm dealing with.)

I feel like an idiot, but it was a complete surprise to me she felt this way.  She's odd, we aren't close, but (I thought) we always got along cordially ... obviously not.

Since MIL and I had that "conversation" my H and I have not talked to her.  MIL has made no contact, and H & I needed some time to cool off.   Finally my husband called his Dad on Saturday and said that the four of need to get together and figure this out.  Especially because H & I are supposed to host Easter at our house for them on Sunday.  We are meeting tonight.

Long story short - we don't know how she's going to approach tonight.  I want us to have a nice, cordial relationship for my LO and my husband.  Working this out is my first priority.  That being said, I will not listen to her rip me apart again.  I've already apologized many times for an incident that was a simple misunderstanding.  

FWIW, my H is completely supportive of me - if anything I'm afraid he's going to start yelling quickly tonight, and that will make it worse.

How do I approach it if she's still "on the attack" tonight without coming off like a doormat or a witch?  Any advice or experience appreciated.  I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

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