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In his swing too much?

DS will be 8 weeks old on Weds.  I feel bad because it just seems like he is always in his swing. Right now he gets up from a nap, eats, get a change, we play together for fifteen to twenty minutes.  He will then either get a little fussy, or I will need to get things done around the house, so I put him in his swing. He sits contentedly in it and eventually falls asleep. I just feel like I should be engaging him more, I guess. Sort of like I am just sticking him in front of a TV.  Nothing else really works for the length of time the swing does. The bouncy chair is hit or miss, and the play mat lasts for about five minutes.  Is it OK that he spends so much time in his swing? Or is there something else I should be doing with him? We go to a Mommy and Me music class on Tuesdays, so that gets us out of the house. I live in northern NH, so it's still too cold and there's too much snow for too many outdoor things.

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