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Trying to feed my newborn but can't keep him awake. Ten min feed and now only a 20 min feed. What do I do? Triedwaking up techniques.

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  • Is your LO gaining weight? If so, I would not worry about it and just LO sleep until they wake to be fed.

  • My baby hardly ever eats for 20 minutes, and she was always that way. 10 minutes is pretty standard for her. How long they need to eat depends on the baby (how efficiently they can suck) and the mom (how much milk you have). 10-20 minutes could be all

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  • As another PP mentioned, is your LO gaining the proper weight? He might be very efficient at eating- my LO on the other hand would eat lazily for 20 minutes a side regardless of what I would do (wet cloth, down to diaper changing diaper, etc.)- eating

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  • I am right there with you! My problem is not that my LO isn't gaining proper weight, its that if he doesn't eat longer, he will want to eat again every 30 minutes or so :-(
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