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Weight watchers

Anyone have any luck. I am thinking the Internet program. I need a change and I want to lose weight with a program. Counting calories and working out does not work for me.
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Re: Weight watchers

  • I did it in the past and was fairly successful. I have signed up again, but have been a slackass on keeping track. My cousin lost 100lbs doing it.
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  • How long did it take. Just concerned about the costs?
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  • I've been doing it on and off since October and I've lost about 25 lbs so far. I really love it and have a pretty easy time following it. I have been doing it with my SIL, which helps keep me accountable since I only do it online.

    good luck!&nbsp

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  • Honestly... if you were going to do mobile and online you might want to try My Fitness Pal first. Its free and the same concept except instead of points its regular old calories. I believe WW gives you about 1500 calories a day. I have found in tracking o
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  • Thanks ladies. I am just miserable at this weight. My fav jeans are now tight. :(
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  • I am a WW girl. The first time I signed up I lost about 50 lbs in a year. Continued to lose -- probably around 70lbs and kept it off. I REALLY wish I kept it up during my pregnancy though BECAUSE I'm back at square one.

    Since I knew the program,

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  • I also do WW.  I like it because it actually makes me think about what I'm eating and how much of it.  I've lost 15lbs so far.  I only need 2 more to meet my goal. Then after 6 weeks at goal it's free.  I do go to the meetings because
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  • I joined about 2 months PP. I've been counting/ and not counting points for the past  months. I've gained 8 lbs. I have not been strict though. I need to put the hammer down. I've been real strict....today :) And hope this is a new leaf. I need to ge

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