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AW im feeling blessed

Yesterday DD and I got up, and I tried getting my cleaning in since I slacked all week but I only got a little organizing done and my energy plummeted. We had plans outside the house from noon til 10 last night. So today I had promised DD we would dye Easter eggs, and I invited my mom over to join. Well, magically, DH woke up at 930, he normally sleeps until at least 11 on the weekends and got the laundry started for me, and carried the clean laundry from the basement to the second floor before he left for his 7th out of 11 straight days of work. then before we started the eggs, while I was making rice krispies with DD, my mom cleaned our entire.kitchen. everything except the floor. The kitchen was in shambles with dishes every where and it was just yuck. 2 hours and everything is spotless. I'm so happy she came over and helped me out. I have just been so drained the last few weeks, and it is such a task to do anything! I get tired so quickly!

Just wanted to share since I'm feeling extremely grateful. Anyone else had someone help them out unexpectedly?
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