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breast friend vs boppy

I plan on breast feeding, is one better than the other? Which do you use/prefer and why?
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Re: breast friend vs boppy

  • I've never used the breast friend, but loved the boppy.  The boppy seems like it may be more versatile.  You can use it to prop up baby when he/she first is learning to sit, so they don't tip over backwards.  If they do, they land on the cu

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  • I have the Boppy but I never used it when breast feeding my daughter. The Boppy is a staple, most anyone who has a nursing pillow uses it... But I've heard great things about My Breast Friend, including a recommendation to a group of FTMs from a lactation
  • I used the my brest friend the first couple of months. I found it much easier than the boppy. It has a harder surface so I was able to position DS better than the boppy.  I loved the boppy when he was bigger and for tummy time or to sit him up a litt
  • I used the Boppy for DS1 and it wasn't supportive enough for the first month or two when he was really tiny. I was always shoving blankets underneath it for more support. It worked great once he got bigger and is nice for propping the baby up, etc as PP m
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  • The boppy didn't fit me very well and was always sliding out of position. The breast friend has a belt to clip it in place and that was really helpful. It was also easier to position baby on the breast friend.
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  • I don't have any experience with the Breast Friend. I registered for and received a boppy. My SIL gave me a Mombo. I think it's maybe a BRU's similar to the boppy, but has one side that is flatter and firmer. I used my Mombo exclusively at firs
  • I registered for and received both at my shower. I plan to use the breast friend for feeding and the Boppy for sitting/tummy time. I had some friends who were short like me say the bobby never fit them right for feeding. So I'm hoping the Brest friend wil
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  • It seems to be a personal preference thing, from everything I've heard from friends. I am registering for both. 
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    I used the my brest friend the first couple of months. I found it much easier than the boppy. It has a harder surface
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  • Boppy.
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  • I had this same dilemma and decided to go with neither.  I love the versatility of the Boppy, but like the firmness of the Brestfriend.  Instead I put the Mombo on my registry.  It has a firmer surface for nursing and a softer side for tumm
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  • I have used the Boppy with the NB wedge. It was fine. When the baby was tiny, nursing was not hard on my arms. It wasn't until she got bigger but was still floppy that it got tough and the Boppy was a huge help. Then as she got head and body control, we d


  • I started out using a boppy because everyone uses them. I quickly found that I hated it for a lot of reasons. I didn't find it stable or comfortable and it was very hard to position on myself. Now, I will say it is great for propping baby when he/she is o
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