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In-between clothes

Curious what others of you are doing for what I call "in-between" clothes...No longer pregnant so those clothes are really baggy in all the wrong places and a little tight in the chest. Also, they are not all ideal for breastfeeding (I wore a lot of sweater dresses). Yet I'm also not ready for my old clothes.

Are you buying a few inexpensive things to hold you over until your weight stabilizes (or returns to original hopefully!). Or just wearing your maternity clothes all baggy? I feel like a slob in them and would like to feel "together" again but don't want to spend a lot when I'm hopefully in a temporary state, you know? 


Re: In-between clothes

  • I have been doing yoga pants with flip flops, t shirts and cardigans or maxi dresses.
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  • i am still sort of in that in-between stage, but fit into most of my old clothes. i bought myself some clothes from the clearance racks & on sale that made me feel wonderful about myself & my new size. it made me feel alot better about not fitting
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  • Until I was able to fit comfortably in my pre pregnancy clothes, I wore maternity jeans, sweatpants or lounge pants, and T shirts that weren't too fitted. Sweatpants and a T shirt was pretty much my uniform for a few weeks.
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  • If I'm at home, I wear yoga pants or some sort of workout pant and a tank top. I don't fit into 98% of my clothes, so I got a pair of jeans from Target that fit and were under $30. I also got a couple loose but cute shirts on the clearance rack, and a

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  • I continued to wear my maternity jeans until my old jeans fit. I also bought a few t-shirts at Old Navy in an in-between size (I think they were having a 2 for $16 deal or something similar). I found a couple of cute outfits on clearance at Target for wor
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  • i'm going back to work in a few weeks so i have buying things that are work appropriate. i've mainly bought loose fitting blouses from forever 21 and old navy. i bought a couple more wrap dresses from target and piperline. both the loose blouses and wrap
  • I have been wearing my "fat" jeans with either the bella band or an extender or a hair tie through the button hole. As for shirts, I wore mostly tight fitting things PP, so there are still some of my early pregnancy maternity shirts that I can wear withou
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  • jcar2jcar2
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    I'm 6 weeks pp and still wearing pajamas and sweats everyday. None of my prepregnancy clothes fit. I did buy some shirts on clearance in a size larger than I normally wear before giving birth and I just ordered some jeans online that I'm hoping will fit.
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  • PJ's around the house for me.  Secondhand thrift store clothes for dr. appointments.  I'm not ashamed, I love goodwill.  20 bucks and I had two nice outfits.  Plus I have a couple friends that recently lost weight and are going

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