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Swing question

Our DS is 1 month old and I'm wondering if a swing is necessary? We had a papasan swing with DD and she used it maybe a handful of times and slept in it twice. I spent a small fortune on it and ended up selling it as nearly brand new. We also had a traditional swing for her that never once got used because she hated it so much. So I figured I would save the money this time around and didn't bother getting one for DS. He is a happy baby in his bouncy seat and spends tons of time on his tummy and lives in his moby the rest of the time. I was just curious if there is another reason to have a swing besides having a different place for LO to play/sit/sleep? Should I get one for him? Like I said, hes pretty content 95% of the time, but with only 3 places for him to really hang out during the day, I wasn't sure if I should get a swing to offer him one more place to be. I just don't want to waste money if its not necessary though. Thanks!
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