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Ugh been so nauseous but can't puke:/ had dirreaha and have no energy. Can't keep up with the house! Anyone else suffering from this? I really just wish I could just puke and feel better

Re: Unproductive!!

  • I feel sick but can't puke too, all I do is dry heave. Hope you feel better soon!
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  • I feel you there. It's not so much the neausea for me as the exhaustion tho. I can't make half way thru the day without needing a nap
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  • I'm just straight lazy!!! LOL I just want to lounge around all day. I have errands and play dates and whatnot all week so I figure I might as well take it easy and just relax. Happy my husband is nice about it! Otherwise, I'd have to slap him around! Jk.
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  • I really haven't had any "morning" sickness.  I have bad allergies this time of year so I really think my morning gag is nasal drip as opposed to sickness.  Not really nauseous.  Keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way.

    But ex

  • Ahhhh diarrhea !!!! Hugs .... I m suffering from diarrhea since ovulation .... Nobody before mentioned it before made me lonely ... :D
  • At least I'm not the only one with sinus problems. It makes the nausea much more gag inducing!


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