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Switching from crib/Babyproofing

I know there's a lot of talk about transitioning from crib to toddler bed and I think we are finally getting close. My question is, do you keep lo's door closed in the night with one of those baby proof door handle things to keep them from roaming the house in the night? This probably a totally stupid question but I'm not sure what to do cause my dd would probably be wondering the house. Thanks.
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Re: Switching from crib/Babyproofing

  • We have a gate in front of the door. 
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  • We started with a door knob cover (and a gate across the top of the stairs that we'd had up for months anyway).  It worked well for quite a while until one night we creepily found him staring at us from the side of our bed lol  Now we have a gat
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  • We actually put a little bed rail on DD's toddler bed and she has no interest in climbing out.  The other side is up against a wall.  And we also have an AngelCare motion pad under her mattress so it will send an alarm to our room if she got up
  • With both of my girls we also used a baby gate in their doorway.

    Good luck!

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  • We plan on putting a baby gate in front of her with a swing gate.  but we will be closing the door as well. we live with parents and she will be moving from an attached nursery/walk in closet in our room into a room beside the parents bedr
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  • My DS just transitioned into a safety rail and he's been a good boy! He comes to our he's like clockwork around 530a x7 days a week....he hasn't come earlier but of he tries I suspect I will try my best to walk him back to his bed! or perhaps I'm speakin
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