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How much does your baby fuss/cry?

I had hoped for one of those magical babies that hardly ever peep, but alas, it does not seem like that was meant to be. Graham is sometimes awake, alert and quiet, but it soon turns into fussing and then often all out scream crying. Obviously we make sure it isn't due to hunger (he usually has recently been fed), dirty diaper, too hot or cold, or just wanting to be held. He flails about and it is very difficult to calm him. We try swaddling, swaying, shushing, pacifier (which he spits out). The only thing that 100% calms him is giving him the boob, and then he sometimes restarts soon after he unlatches. These crying jags are particularly frustrating at night of course when we are just completely exhausted and really need him to at least take a nap. So far he seems to have these spells about 3 times per day. I just find myself always on edge that one is about to happen.

His pediatrician has assured me that this is normal, but I am just wondering if anyone else is surprised at how much crying happens and how hard it can be to calm him/her. I thought true colicky-ness doesn't set in until babies are about 2 weeks old. 

Am I just being an anxious first time mom?

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