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Almost woke up to No Child...

My absolute worst fear was happening when I woke up this morning. DH is gone on a fishing trip with his company, and DD was not too happy to go to bed without a kiss goodnight from him, so it had been a long night of waking up to see if DH was home yet. DH won't be home until Sunday.

So this morning, I woke up to the sound of the dead bolt unlocking. DD had managed to get somewhat dressed, the dog on the leash, and she was halfway out the door by the time I grabbed her.

I am honestly lucky I woke up, DD2 usually leaves me so tired I hardly hear anything in my sleep.

Anyways, is there anything I can buy that will prevent this from happening? I had a child lock cover on the knob, but she has finagled her way through those too many times for me to trust..

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Re: Almost woke up to No Child...

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