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Hair cuts

What do you do to keep your toddlers still during a hair cut? Looking for something I maybe haven't thought of. I'm taking ds tonight by myself and he doesn't sit still for anything!

Re: Hair cuts

  • I take DS to one of those walk in only places. Ive always went there and they are really good with kids bc they get so many children everyday for quick cuts. They have a little car thing that they sit in with a little seat belt and a tv in front of them t
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    I did my lil guys first cut with a pair of WAHL clippers I use to do DH's hair.  I kept the guard on and turned it on  and ran it up and down the sides to see how he would react.. and he was curoious but fine.. so I just went ahead and remo
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  • I"ve trimmed my daughters hair twice.. i sit on the ground and let her sit in my lap ( i'm indian style sitting usually) and i'll pull out her bin of hairbows and stuff.. she doesnt get to play with them much and it really distracts her.  so i'll com
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  • We go to a kid's salon with the car chairs, strap him in, turn The Wiggles on, hand him a lollipop, and walk away. For whatever reason, he behaves much better when we are not present.

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