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Hi Guys

I just wanted to say thank you for all the T&Ps yesterday.  I just finished reading them all and you guys are the best.

The update on me is that they finally stopped the contractions and I seem to be holding out at 4cm dialated.  They gave me a bunch of doses of magnesium and a few other things that try to calm my ute down.  It took awhile for it to work but thank god it did.  

I got to move out of labor and delivery and up to a private room where I will stay (on my back) until the babies come.  Its not too bad since I get to wear my own comfy clothes and no more IV.  They check the babies every hour or so and my vitals but its nice to not be constantly hooked up.  If anything changes, its back down to L&D for me.  I was just so terrified because I went on the day I hit 30w just for a regular appt and now 48 hours later here we are.  The good news is the babies are totally fine.  Its just my ute that isnt behaving.  

So thank you again and ill be around since, well, there isnt much else they are letting me do, lol.  Hopefully a shower is in my future!

DX: PCOS/Recurrent losses/MTHFR mutation (compound hetero)
5 hysteroscopies/2 surgical
3 Inject IUIs = 2 m/c's and 1 BFN
IVF #1= BFP. m/c at 7w6d. Needed 2 D&C's and scar tissue removal. Mild OHSS
IVF #2 = BFP. Severe OHSS. 4 Drainings. TWINS!

Re: Hi Guys

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