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Late night check in

A little after 10 here.

DD went down at 8 that lasted again 45 min. I warmed up a bottle for DH to give her. She screamed bloody murder. She's never screamed this bad, to the point where she was choking you know? Her arms and legs were going crazy so obviously we said a bottle is not happening tonight.

Of course she would suck everything else, DH's leg, my shoulder, her hand, her bib. So once she calmed down a half an hour later I ended up putting her on the boob. I mean she was hungry and I didn't want to get her started all up again. I guess that's why I'm not back at work yet and we're just practicing.

Speaking of work, now my mom, who was supposed to watch DD when I go back isn't sure if she can. She takes care of my grandma and isn't sure she can do both. DC is out of the question since I don't make nearly enough to even afford it. It would be far cheaper for me to stay home, which I do in fact want. I just have a hard time in my head knowing I went to school and graduated and always tell myself it wasn't to be a SAHM. So we don't know what we're going to do right now. Ugh.

Anyways DD is half asleep on the couch. Attempting transfer to pnp now.

Re: Late night check in

  • It's 1126pm here everyone else is asleep. Dd only took one nap so she was super cranky and tired today. A wa bath at 9 helped her calm down along with a lotion massage fuzzy Jim jams and being swaddled up. So now I'm having my alone relax time for another
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    2:20 here... I'm up even though DS has been fast asleep since 11.  We had a really rough day.  Pediatrician switched his formula again yesterday due to milk soy protein intolerance issues.  He hasn't been taking the new formula as well and
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  • 2:55 here! DS went to sleep at 8 and woke up at 2:30 to eat again. He goes between having nights where he'll take his last bottle between 7 and 8 and be down until 5 or 6 ... or nights like tonight where he wakes up and pitches a fit to eat. DH despise

  • Just after 3am here. At the hotel with Mr. Zona and watched him give the baby one ounce then baby stopped for a break and Mr. Fell dead asleep. I woke him up and he sat with baby on his shoulder for ten mins then put him down and went to sleep without a w


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  • 2:30am here, DH is sick, heavy lungs, chills, cough, no temp, no throwing up....could be influenza...not sure. I tried to get him to go to the doctor earlier today and he refused....from now on I'm being a hard butt and making him go for our sons sake.

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  • 3:49 here. I am up pumping between feeds and I am SO tired!!!! That is all.
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  • 2:05 here DD didn't nap well, ate like crap was asleep by 8:00 and is now up eating. DH has been working since 9am so no help for me. Lets hope getting her back to sleep will be easy. I'm tired considering I have to wake up every 4 hours to take my meds w
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  • 4:30... Up for the second time with DD. we had been consistently getting 5 to 6 hour stretches but tonight we are back to every three hours apparently.
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  • I guess my LO doesn't wanna sleep anymore. I usually get 3 to 6 hour stretches from her, depending. This is the second night in a row that it took 3 hours to get to bed 12 to 3 tonight. Now it's 4 and she is up again. Screamed bloody murder during the dia
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  • JHBW: is it a screaming bloody murder kind of a night or what?!

    2013 mommy: thanks! I know that's what I was thinking too. Nobody knows what's going to happen, if I do go back its not until June so we still have some time to figure it out. I
  • 6:30 here.. DS went to bed at midnight and just woke up.. Awesome right? No because my boobs are not getting the message that we can sleep longer! He ate from one side before bed, so by 4am the other boob woke me up ready to explode and so I had to go pum
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  • it's not late night now but at like 330 this morning i woke up and checked on baby girl in the pnp right next to me and i couldn't see her....i don't know why but i freaked out like where the eff is she?? she can't go anywhere...so i reached in probably a
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