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Growth u/s?

I've noticed that a few of you have been getting growth ultrasounds lately. Is this standard practice or do mostly GD mamas get them because of the potentially large babies? I asked my doc about having another u/s between now and when the baby is born and she told me that she doesn't do one unless something is wrong. The only thing she does is a low-quality bedside u/s at 38 weeks to see the baby's position.
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Re: Growth u/s?

  • Most OBs only do another one if there is an issue. 
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  • I'm getting one because of a combination of measuring behind and a lack of weight gain. They are just checking to make sure he's growing alright. Otherwise, I wouldn't be getting another. 
  • I was thinking the same thing. I've seen a lot of posts about getting growth u/s if you're measuring much bigger or smaller, so I figured when my dr told me I was measuring 5 weeks ahead I would get one. He said no, not right now, and didn't imply th
  • I was told by the dr I saw Monday I needed a growth ultrasound in 2 weeks. I have been having really bad diarrhea, I'm measuring small, and I didn't gain any weight in 2 weeks. When the dr asked if that was normal for me the only thing I could say was nor
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  • Many times if you are considered high risk (for any reason, not just GD) the OB/MFM will do them. My MFM does one every 4-6 weeks beginning at 26 weeks. 
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  • I have an ultrasound on Tuesday at 30w 6d.  I have no idea if they're concerned with my small size (26 lbs gained and I don't feel like I look overly huge) or what.  I had assumed it was to see what position she's in, but I'll have to ask to dou

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  • I got one because I have an underactive thyroid so they wanted to make sure the baby was growing normally. Thank goodness she is :)
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  • My 20 week u/s was at my local hospital, during the one week period when I was in transition between OB practices... my OB (same doctor, different practice) didn't realize the new office sent all their patients to a specific perinatal ultrasound office, s
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  • I get a weekly one, but I'm a high risk mama... Most of the time there isn't one unless your fundal measurements are off by a lot or the doctor is concerned about positioning.
  • I just asked about it at my appt on Tuesday and my office will only do another scan if they are concerned about size.  Basically if my measurements are 3" or more away from my week.  I was measuring between 28 and 29" at 29w6d and she wasn't con
  • I had one today. My OB does one around 34 or 35 weeks to check size and position. I think it's just her policy. It's definitely not standard and everyone's insurance is different. I'm happy to see the munchkin but I'm happy it wasn't for bad medical reaso
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  • I had one because I was measuring small. Luckily all is well with baby.


  • If I was having a normal low risk pregnancy I would have only had one at 36 weeks to check size and position. Unfortunately since I am now high risk due to PTL I get a BPP every week to make sure the baby is doing ok and a growth ultrasound every other we

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  • image MrsJ723:
    Many times if you are considered high risk for any reason, not just GD the OB/MFM will do them. My MFM does one every 46 w
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  • I don't have GD or any other issues and my OB typically only does the early US at ten weeks and then the anatomy scan. But I'm having another US next week at 31 weeks because I've measures ahead since the very beginning. At my appt three weeks ago I measu
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  • image nola78:
    image MrsJ723:</s
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  • I'm getting one at 34 weeks only because I have a low lying placenta so they want to make sure it's moved up or they'll schedule a c section. I was told we would know how much she weighs but I don't think they'll do measurements.
  • I had one yesterday at 34 wks, 5 days because it's my current OB's practice to do one to check position, fluid and size at this time. My former OB wtih the my DD didn't do another one after 20 weeks.  It seems silly to me but every practice is differ
  • I have one scheduled at 32 weeks because my quad screening was off. My materni21 came back great so now they just watch me for growth.
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  • I am getting one U/S more in two weeks (at 33w+) because I have Factor V Leiden -- I have had a normal pregnancy so far but it is standard at my practice that all women with FVL get extra ultrasounds. They will check to make sure baby is growing and th

  • I had one because it is routine with moms who have thyroid issues. I had my thyroid removed so they wanted to check Growth to make sure LOs thyroid appeared in order.
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  • image Nora1985:
    I'm getting one at 34 weeks only because I have a low lying placenta so they want to make sure it's moved up or they
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  • I have them periodically - every four weeks or so because of a second trimester partial abruption. My OB needs to make sure the baby is growing/placenta is continuing to function properly.
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  • When I went to my 30 week u/s, the baby was measuring in the 95th percentile and they said they have anyone in the 90th percentile or higher get another u/s at 38 weeks.
  • I'll be getting one next week (33 wks) and I do not have GD. But baby is measuring big, my first baby was very big. At my original dating u/s baby measured 8 days bigger, but they kept my edd as is because I was sure of my lmp.

    otherwise, no they


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  • I only got one at 30 weeks and 5 days because I was measuring very large.  My OB ordered an u/s just to check and make sure I didn't have too much amniotic fluid, which I didn't, and to measure babie's size. At the time, he weighed 3lbs. 13 oz accord
  • This is exactly the same for me. Unless there's an issue they won't schedule a growth ultrasound at the practice I go to.
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    I get one at 36 weeks to check size and position, which I'm thankful for.
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  • My doctor only does an ultrasound at 20 weeks and that's the only one unless there's an issue. 

    I get one every week because of needing to measure my cervix.  Not sure why they check the baby's growth every time, but they do.  

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  • I think this varies for most Dr.'s. I'm going in for a growth ultrasound this Wednesday. My Dr. does them as standard practice around 34 weeks. I'm measuring about 1-2 weeks ahead, but don't have GD and am not considered high risk.
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