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Easter baskets?

Is anyone else NOT doing an Easter basket for your LO this year? I had planned on it but now that I think about it, I don't see the point? DS obviously won't "get" the whole Easter basket thing yet anyways! Please tell me I'm not alone and won't be put on the bad mom list for this one! ;]
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Re: Easter baskets?

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    No baskets here... just an egg hunt at a local farm.  : )  

    At this point, we have no plans for Easter baskets in the future either.  We just dress up, buy flowers, and visit family on Easter.  

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  • Sorry, we're totally doing baskets here. My LO will get it, and he wouldn't be happy about his big sister getting one while he didn't. I don't do the candy for his basket though. He gets Easter books, fruit, and small toys.
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  • We are only doing one for DD because of her older brother.  We didn't do one for DS until he was almost 2.

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  • No Easter basket here! I figure we can spend money on things DS will need or know the difference.  
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    No Easter basket here! I figure we can spend money on things DS will need or know the difference.  
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