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Do you have a Hopeful Due Date?

Going by my LMP, my edd is Oct 28th, going by an ultrasound I had, it's Nov 4th. My daughter was 3 weeks early, but I'm hoping for a Halloween baby.

My uncle and great grandmother shared their Halloween birthday. The last few years without her he's told me how much it hurts not to have someone to share a birthday with anymore since he has his whole life. She was the matriarch of our family and brought everyone together. I think it would be awesome to bring in a third generation  Halloween baby.


Anyone else have a date they hope the baby comes on? 


ETA: I don't want baby to come on October 10th or 12th, but 14th would be cool. My moms birth day is Oct 10th, mine is Oct 12th.  

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Re: Do you have a Hopeful Due Date?

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