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Xp: symptoms after mc?

For the record...not asking if Im pregnant, just asking if anyone else had similar experience.

long story short, I had mmc at 7w6d and d&c 4 days later. I still has some nausea afterwards, but a week or so later I started feeling like myself again. Now almost 4 weeks later, I've been working out and getting back to normal life. Well the past few days I've just started feeling weird again (indigestion, light headed, tired...). So I broke down and took a test and it was positive. 

My dr is going to see me Monday, but thinks it may just be residual from the mc. I just don't buy it since I felt fine for almost 2 weeks and now I don't feel well.

Anyone have residual symptoms like this or get pregnant before post mc AF? Just looking for any info :)  TIA! 

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Re: Xp: symptoms after mc?

  • This current pregnancy was straight after my m/c - no cycle in between. I was similar to you, felt horrible for a week or so after then started to feel human again. I started to then feel AF like symptoms but had no idea when to expect it since I was t

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  • I too got KU without a cycle between. I had a natural mc Aug 4, O'd the 22, and BFP Aug 30. I had a beta of 35 the week after the mc. I poas like a mad woman until 20 dpo...I know, I know. Betas are your only way to tell, really.
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  • Same with me. I had a mc at 12w2d (baby stopped growing at 6w) had D&C without any complications, one month later took a test it was positive (with no cycle in between). However that one also ended in a mc (no fetal growth found - only sac). In my cas
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