Shouldn't grandparents understand?!?!?

I thought that grandparents would be the most supportive about breasfeeding.  The other day my grandfather told me my 5 month old son is TOO OLD to nurse.  He said that he should be eating table food.  Of course I was like 0_o what?? And to top it off my husband who is super supportive and my biggest cheerleader doesn't like me nursing in public another 0_o moment.  That is my little vent for the day.
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Re: Shouldn't grandparents understand?!?!?

  • You would think that, but actually our grandparents' and even parents' generations were not in strong pro-breastfeeding society.  Your grandparents were probably having kids when formula was being promoted by ad companies as "better" than breastmi

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  • My family just ignores the fact that I BF, which is easy cause I don't live near them. I am bringing DS to visit them all soon and can't wait to see what they all have to say. I'm hoping they are supportive but mostly I think they're going to be confused
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    Yeah most come from a society that did not breastfeed at all or if they did it was only for a short while.  My mom only formula fed my brother, and I'm old enough that he was the first similac baby in the family, prior to that I and my siblings we


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  • As pp said it's the grandparents generation that truly doesn't understand.  Almost everyone formula fed back then.  My pedi said that her mother wanted to BF, but the doctor told her that her milk wouldn't be rich enough and to feed formula.

  • It may just be me, but I feel like it depends on where you grew up and are located.  My family is from a rural area, and BF is and always has been the norm.  My grandparents praised me for not giving up on BF when it was really tough in the b

  • This is really interesting to me. I don't live where my family lives, so I never thought about this. My mother is totally supportive, but I have no idea how my grandparents will feel. We are going to visit them in 2 weeks, and LO will have just turned 5 m
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  • Here too! Some of my family are anti-BFing.
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  • My parents and Inlaws are completely supportive. However, all my co workers are from an older generation and formula fed. Sometimes I get comments on how breastfeeding is too hard etc or questions on it since they didn't experience it.
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    She looked at me like I had two heads because I was going to BF in church.  I'm pretty sure Jesus EBF, MIL! <img

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  • My 86yr old grandmother made a face when I told her I was going to BF and she told me not to. I was shocked apparently none of the women on my mother side BF.

  • If I get one more comment from my ILs that the baby "needs more milk" (read: they try to get me to supplement with formula every time I talk to them)  I may explode. I am EBFing, and the pediatrician says our LO is "thriving" especially for a preterm
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  • My H's mother is a retired L/D nurse and she was astounded (and disgusted) that I planned on bfing Dd more than 2 weeks. I'm sure it's driving her insane that I still am bfing at 20 months. I keep reminding myself that she means well, but that she come

  • My grandmother, who was a nurse, asked me if I planned to BF and then proceeded to tell me how she was so grossed out by it that she didn't do it with an of her 6 kids.  Our grandparents' generation was the first one to adopt formula, as it was a sig
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  • My ILs would try to feed my DS solids (and I don't mean baby food -- I mean adult food) if given the chance. Funny thing is that they are younger than my parents by more than a decade, so you would think they would remember that babies have to le

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  • I have one grandmother who nursed her children, all three, until they were at least one.  She said she never even considered formula, it wasnt even an option.  She had no problems nursing.  My other grandmother didnt even try to nurse my


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  • I believe my paternal grandmother nursed all four of her children (born between 1938 and 1947). My maternal grandmother did not nurse any of her kids, and was really critical of my mom when she was nursing me. Both of my parents are really supportive o

  • My grandma told me when she was raising babies, you did not BF unless you were poor. She explained giving babies formula was a status thing, like, look at me, I can afford formula.

    I BF DS1 for 14 months and Everyone in my family is super su
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  • I think it also depends on the family itself. One of my grandmas thought it was gross, and didn't bf any of her six kids. My other grandma nursed all nine of her kids.

    In the first family, neither of the daughters wanted to bf their kids, th
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  • My grandmother ff. but is totally supportive of bf'ing. She said she wished she knew what it was like.

    My fam is pretty supportive up to a year. Extended bf'ing is "weird and gross". Gag me I don't intend to stop intel dd is ready.
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