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could you tell boy/girl before sonographer announced?

Were you able to tell BOY/GIRL before the sonographer let you know? I wasn't sure if you had to be really experienced with ultrasounds to know or not. We find out tomorrow but am planning on asking them to write on a piece of paper and doing a gender reveal later that night. I don't know why, but I really don't want to find out that way.  Our plan is that my husband and I am finding out together, just me and him, on a date later that night! I don't like the idea of someone we don't know in the room sharing that news with feels intimate in a way. Maybe I am an odd one!

Re: could you tell boy/girl before sonographer announced?

  • Dh is very observant and was able to tell before the tech did. I on the other hand just saw a baby. Good luck! 

  • We decided to not find out and although the tech dust turn the screen away DH and I weren't able to tell. Even when she said she knew. I really think that unless you know what to look for its hard to tell

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  • Only when she focused in on it. But not during the rest of the scan. So it shouldn't be too hard for the tech to keep you in the dark about it. But then again we're having a girl....I suppose it would be much easier to see a boy but I imagine if you just

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  • I could tell, but I think it's easier with boys. His penis was really obvious.


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  • My husband did. Our LO was kinda funny though, he was laying on his side and the tech was talking about how she was going to have to push on him to try to get him to move so she could get a crotch shot. So I started to brace myself for her to push on m

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  • DH pointed it out! But, it was a boy and very obvious, at 16w. We go today to confirm (but have bought tons of blue)

  • image lkobriant:
    We decided to not find out and although the tech dust turn the screen away DH and I weren't able to tell. Even when

  • SO and I could both tell before the ultrasound tech told us, but we've both got experience with reading ultrasounds (no, neither of us are actually in the medical profession, just lots of ultrasounds between both of us, plus family) and it was pretty obvi
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  • When they found the placenta previa the tech told me to look away when she was looking down there and such and told me when it was safe but as she was going back and forth I caught a glimpse of his boy parts. It was obvious and I never told DH just in cas

  • DH could. He knew instantly. The U/S tech was so sad she didn't get to be the one to tell us..haha (she was kidding of course!). DH and I are both in the medical field, but not trained in radiology, so I don't know if that helped or not. I agree with P

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  • We did a gender reveal at home as well. When they did the u/s, I was 100 percent sure it was a boy. When we got home, we found out it was a girl. I would have bet money I saw a penis!
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  • I didn't with Aidan, but I did with Lucas. I didn't know what I was looking at in the u/s with Aidan.
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  • We could tell with DS but he was spread eagle and at the perfect angle, with our DD the tech told us and then showed us the lines.
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  • Our u/s tech announced it after a very quick glance - from that quick view I had no idea.  It wasn't until she got a better shot and pointed out his boy parts that I could see it clearly.  It's a good thing I'm not in that field!

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  • My Husband could tell right away..He's like "do I see something?" (we are having a boy lol) the tech said "no mistaking it, it's a boy"
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  • I had no idea either time! lol
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  • They aren't allowed to tell us here.  However, my DH asked if she was able to get a gender image for the radiologist and she said something like, "I got a very good image and the radiologist should have no problem including the gender in the repor

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  • DH and I looked at sonogram pics online beforehand. Ours ended up looking totally different, but it was obvious.

    we told the tech that we didn't want to know, but when I looked at the pic, it was pretty clear. she then proceeded to write xx/xy on

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  • Last time it was OBVIOUS. Like, sitting on the camera no mistakes about it.

    This time, baby didn't cooperate so we didn't get a chance to find out. The sonographer kind of sucked and didn't try, though.

  • I just had mine today and I couldn't tell what I was looking at at all, but I guess a lot of other people are much more observant than I, lol.  My little boy was being sort of modest too, so the sonographer had to get a look between his crossed legs.
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  • image Missuskeekers:
    I could tell, but I think it's easier with boys. His penis was really obvious.


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  • It was pretty obvious for us it was a boy at the 16 week scan. When the tech started looking in that area, I said "Is that what I think it is??" She just smiled and said yep, it's a boy!
  • Me too! I could tell right away but he has a lot of junk to see :
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  • I searched for sonogram pictures of girls and boys before my appt so when I saw the three lines, I said "we are having a girl" and the sonographer confirmed.  This time we are team green so I am going to have my eyes closed.
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  • My hubby says he knew before she said anything that it was a boy. He said he KNEW he saw something between his legs! lol
  • image famba:
    Were you able to tell BOY/GIRL before the sonographer let you know? I wasn't sure if you had to be really experienced with u


  • When she first put the probe on my stomach, no although DH did mistake the umbilical cord for boy parts! As the sonogram went on DH, my parents and I all noticed that there didn't seem like there was anything between the legs. Then as we were about t
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