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Bilobed Placenta

At our a/s scan I was diagnosed with a bilobed placenta, and it was not brought up again until Monday (at my 30 week appointment).  My OB said that starting at 36 weeks they will do a non-stress test once a week to monitor the baby and make sure that everything looks okay.  Until she said that, I didn't know that there was any risk associated with it at all.  After the a/s they just said they would note it in my chart to make sure all of the placenta came out at birth.  After letting it sink in a little more, and consulting Dr. Google (big mistake) I am a little freaked out.  I see a mid-wife/OB team, so I only see the OB (who was my OB prior to pregnancy) a few times throughout the pregnancy.  My next appointment is with the midwife and I have asked if it can be scheduled with the OB instead so we can talk about this a little more in depth.  In the meantime, I was hoping there might be some of you out there who had experience with this, know somebody who did, or know more about it. 


Re: Bilobed Placenta

  • I was just told at my Dr. appt yesterday that I have a bilobed placenta. My doctor said it's probably not going to cause any problems, but she is going to check the growth of the baby (and probably a few other things) at my 32 week appt via u/s.
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