EPing MoMs - Need encouragment

I have been EPing since my boys were 2 weeks old.

I dread pumping each and every time I have to do it... it takes so much time, my boys now eat 2 oz more a day than I produce in total so I eventually will run through my ~250 oz stash therefore they will have to have formula even if that won't happen for a few months.

Also, I am constantly fighting off mastitis due to suffering from chronic plugged ducts, meaning I have to massage and pump for 30 full minutes every 3 hours.

Sorry for the vent, I know BM is best but I am ready to throw in the towel but hate the feelings of failure... any words of encouragement would be appreciated.  I knew BFing would be hard, just not for the reasons that I have been struggling. 

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Re: EPing MoMs - Need encouragment

  • We're your kids premature at all? It helps me to know that mine babies were born before 33 weeks, so before their immune system started to develop. I get excited that my pumping is helping their body get antigens.
    Another bonus, it's 30 minutes to
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  • I EP also, and my boys are 6 weeks old. Every few days I feel like I want to give up and just switch to formula. We started supplementing a few nights ago for the night feedings and the boys refused the formula after day 2.  Day 3 was even worse,

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  • I EP for my little ones and I have thought about stopping soooo many times. I too have mastitis ALL the time, plugged ducts like crazy! I do dread having to sit and pump but I know what its all for so I still just do it. I dont even meet all their food ne
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  • Have you tried mothers milk tea? It worked wonders for my supply in that transition to them eating more. I actually drank it the whole time I was pumping for my son to keep a decent supply frozen for when it was time for me to stop. Luckily I did because


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  • My babies are 4m1w old and I've been EPing from the beginning. I just take it one day at a time. I love that they are getting antibodies, that I am producing all of their food, and that it's free. I also love that I never have to prepare any formula. Howe
  • I made a decision around 6 weeks that whenever I got frustrated, I would reduce one pump a day and go from there. Do you massage your boobs while you pump? That can make a huge difference in not getting mastitis and will also help your supply if you are e
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  • Some great advice that was given to me (and I only BF/pumped for 6 weeks so you are doing great!).  You are doing everything in your power to feed your children and you are a great mom for attempting to BF twins at all!  If you do decide to s

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  • image RobinR91:
    We're your kids premature at all? It helps me to know that mine babies were born before 33 weeks, so before their immune
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