twin skin swimsuit?


4 of our closest friends and family are getting married in the next 8 months before the kids turn 1 year old!  It is going to be an adventure.  For one of my very very close friends I am going to her bachelorette party in mexico in June (first trip away from the boys!).  I am dreading many things about it, but one of them is putting on a swimsuit with my new found twin skin.  Any suggestions on types or brands of suits that worked with your body - the main issue is I used to wear bikinis (not that I was a small size or anything) but with the new "overhang" I'm figuring I don't want to share that and no one wants to see it :)  I actually didn't wear one peices because they were less flattering than bikinis since they are more tight to the skin.

i know in the scheme of things, this is small, but i was wondering if anyone had suggestions? i was thinking tankini, but many of them the part that covers the breasts are these small trianges and my newfound postpartum breastfeeding size would be a little obscene in most of those tops!


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Re: twin skin swimsuit?

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