First baby and having a c section..SCARED!

Hello! My name is Ashley and i am expecting my first baby on April 1 2013. My husband and I are extremely excited and can't wait to meet her. On the other hand I am extremely scared and nervous about having a c section due to my daughter being breach. I have never hand any type of surgery before and I guess my nerves are really starting to get the best of me... To any moms out there who have had a c section my questions to you are What can I expect? How long does the procedure take? What is the healing process like ( I know that everyone is different) I just some advice to calm me down.. :-/

Re: First baby and having a c section..SCARED!

  • You're going to be fine! I was in your shoes a few weeks ago. Baby was breech and didn't turn, so off to a c section I went.

    I honestly can't tell you how long the procedure took, just because I lost track of time. I was scheduled at 7:30am,
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  • Thank you!  It seems like everyone is saying the recovery part is the worst.
  • I know how the scared part feels, I went to my 40 week appointment and a few hours later had an emergency C/S under general anesthesia. I had never had surgery much less sedation or anesthesia (My wisdom teeth were removed with regular numbing medication)
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    Thank you! nbsp;It seems like everyone is saying the recovery part is the worst.

    Hi I
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    I was also in your shoes a little over three months ago. The delivery of your baby should be pretty quick under 30 min. Then while they tend to your baby, they finish you and move you and baby into recovery. I was in recovery for a lil while. I had to wai
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    I was given an elastic binder for my belly. This was my best friend when I had to get up and walk.

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  • I had an emergency c/s and recovery wasn't really that bad. I mean, yeah, it's not fun and games, and the area around my incision still hurts sometimes (2 weeks PP), but overall, I didn't feel like I'd just had major surgery within a few days. Just be

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  • Thanks again everyone! Im starting to relax and not stress so much about it so much. I mean i know it is a common procedure, i guess I researched a little too much into it and it psyched me out hearing all the negative things.
  • I was in the same position two years ago, so I can relate.  I had an absolutely wonderful c-section birth experience as did LOTS of women I know!  You tend to hear horror stories, but that is usually not the case at all and ditto what PP said

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  • You'll be fine. 

    My C-section (also my first due to breech) took about an hour, and the spinal block isn't that bad its a couple pricks and then its like a warm numbness that moves up and they make sure your good and frozen. They wont let yo

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  • Yes please use a binder belt, no one told me about it after having a c section, and my mom or sister didn't know since they never had a c section. But it comes in handy, my incision got infected a week after I left hospital my wound care doctor said I s
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  • Like you, I had never had surgery. I ended up in a c-section due to failure to progress and DS's heart rate dropping with contractions. I went in at 11:30 pm and DS was born at 11:48 pm. Being in the operating room made me nervous and I got nauseous. I wa
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  • If they use staples to close you up, they'll remove them before you go home. Having the staples removed sounds painful and scary but it's not. You barely feel it ... friend warned me ahead of time that removal would be easy and sounds worse than is ....
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  • I had my first on march 5th. I was scared but it went much better than expected. It takes about 1525 minutes to get the epidural and get ready for the surgery. My husband came in and they started cutting at 7:30. She was born at 7:35 and I was in reco

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  • I had a c-section 4 1/2 months ago after an infection and a really loooooong labor. My little piece of advice is to sit up/walk/move around as soon as they let you. I just wanted to lay there for the longest time but when I finally moved around I felt so



  • I just want to thank everyone for their advice!! My little girl was born March 26!! I had to go earlier then expected because my fluids were low. You all were right! everything went fine!! The only thing that hurt me was the numbing medication right be

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