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Which is the best OB and hospital to give birth in Manhattan?

I live in midtown and have no idea, which hospital or OB to pick. I have United Health Care Empire Plan. Thanks
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Re: Which is the best OB and hospital to give birth in Manhattan?

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    I'm in my 3rd trimester and happy with CityScape OB GYN. They are on east 32nd street, and are affiliated with NYU. I would look into this practice. It's an all female practice of 4 doctors. You do rotate through the practice when pregnant since you never know who will be on call when you deliver. Check them out, they have a website.  

  • I also have UHC Empire Plan and I went to Mt Sinai Faculty Practice Associates, but its more uptown on 98th street bw Madison and 5th. My dr was Lauren Ferrara and she is the best doctor I have ever had. This is a high risk practice though, I am unsure if you are high risk. Good luck!
  • I am using Columbia Presbyterian which is uptown.

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  • I gave birth about 16 days ago at St. Luke's Roosevelt.  I had a great experience despite the reviews, which is funny because I was in a total panic about delivering there because the reviews were so mixed.  I found the staff to be fantastic and competent.  I felt the L&D Staff was slightly better than the postpartum recovery staff, but I really have no complaints.

    I LOVE my ob/gyn.  His name is Harry Lee and he's on 57th between 8th and 9th ave.  His practice is very low intervention and they happily work with doulas and respect your desire to have a low medical intervention birth.  In fact, one of his partners Dr.  Jacques Moritz is featured in the documentary The Business of Being Born.  

    My baby was delivered by his partner, Dr. Hanna, and she was absolutely fantastic.  I would highly recommend her or Dr. Lee (although I also hear great things about Dr. Moritz).

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  • I have heard great things about St. Luke as well..and my OBGYN is associated with St. Luke..her name is Amy Huang and she is absolutely amazing so far (I am just over 3 months). Good luck!
  • I am using Anna Rhee who is also associated with St. Luke's Roosevelt (59th St, Columbus Circle). She is one of 4 women OBs in that particular practice, which is on 86th st/UWS. All the OBs in the practice seem great. The office is very nice and so far (8 months in) have never had to wait long at a visit. 
  • Dr. Natalie Stevens, Lenox Hill.  Really happy with her.
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  • My OB is Jaccques Moritz and he is amazing.  I will be delivering at St. Luke's Roosevelt 
  • I am in the middle of changing midwives and after polling about 7 Mom friends St. Luke's was the only one that people had a good experience. I have an appt with Dr. Kahn an OB at 59th and 9th on Tuesdsy. Fingers crossed I'll love her as much as my friend did.
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