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What does your 17 MO do??

Hi girls!

Our first DS is currently 10 MO and we are expecting #2 in October. Being pregnant again so close to our first kiddo has been a different experience than being pregnant the first time. I actually feel extremely guilty, like I am taking something away from DS. I've seen that's a common thread on this board!!

my question is this : if you've got a 17-ish month old toddler,  what is your day like with them? Since DS is our first, and is only 10 months, it's hard for me to see what he will be like when the new baby comes. He is EXTREMELY attached to me, I SAH and EBF still. He isn't really walking or talking obviously, so I am a little overwhelmed with the thought of bringing another baby in. I know things will be different in 7 months... Just not sure HOW different. Thanks for any insight you might have!!  

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Re: What does your 17 MO do??

  • My DS is 17 months. He currently is walking, pretends in the play kitchen, plays ball, drives cars around, plays with the train table, colors, is saying 20 words, plays with baby dolls, runs, jumps, gives kisses and hugs, "reads" books, and does or pla

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    My DS is 17 months. He currently is walking, pretends in the play kitchen, plays ball, drives cars around, plays with

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    It's a really fun time, but also very trying. 17 months has started temper tantrums also, but for the most part it's s

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  • Thanks for the replies! Sounds like that age is a lot of fun, but a lot of work too (oh wait, what age isn't??)!! Looking forward to our wonderfully chaotic new "normal"!! 
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  • The difference between a 10 month old and a 17 month old is HUGE.  He will likely be walking, saying a few words, and playing more independently by then.  My DS is just about 18 months old.  His older sister was 15.5 months when he was b

  • Mine are 16.5 months apart... 19 months and 3 months now.  The difference between 10 months and 17 months is HUGE!!  I felt exactly like you did when I was pregnant trying to imagine taking care of two but it's really not SO bad.  The "h

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