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I just found out I'm pregnant on Sunday after taking 4 pregnancy tests, I had bloodwork done yesterday and my levels were around 125. I've had some light cramping and some brown spotting this morning, is this normal? I've read some spotting and cramping is normal but this is my first and I guess I just need reassurance! Anyone else have these symptoms as well?Thanks in advance!

Re: Spotting?

  • I have been spotting lately as well. I freaked out and got really sad. Called the dr and they wanted to check my levels as well. My spotting started off brown and bright red and is now only brown. The nurse said it is normal. She said however though if my
  • Thanks, I'm trying to remain positive but if the cramping gets worse, I'll definitely call the doctor. This is the first day I've had any sort of spotting so it kind of freaked me out. I might be over reacting but you never know. Thanks again!
  • Have you had sex recently? I always spot brown a little bit for a day after that. Has it subsided now?
  • No sex last night, but that's good to know. I just checked again and it looks like it's stopped. It wasn't much and was a light brown but it still scared me a bit. Thanks again :
  • I think this could be implantation bleeding.  I had a tiny bit of brown spotting at 11 DPO or so.  It freaked me out, since I knew I had implanted at least a few days before that (my first BFP was 9 DPO), but when I looked online, several sit

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  • Yeah I think and hope it's just implantation bleeding. It looks like its a little over 2 weeks since I conception and since I just found out I was pregnant on Sunday, the timing makes sense. Thanks gals for making me feel a little better! I'll keep an eye
  • I had some super light pink spotting last night. Just when I wiped once and not again. Nurse said not to worry. I was scheduled for my 4th beta tomorrow but she said I could go today if it would make me feel better. Still waiting for them to call. My last

  • I had a tiny bit of brown spotting today and feel better after ready a lot of these comments, especially this one. My hubs and I had some birthday sex last night and I had the spotting today when I wiped. Its my first pregnancy so it freaked me out a litt
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