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Sleeping problems. Am I doing something wrong?

Baby boy is three weeks and four days. We are EBF and he is doing very very well.  He eats often and is gaining weight properly. 

He goes 2-3 hours between feedings, the problem is that he is not sleeping that long because it take him forever to fall asleep and he absolutely will not fall asleep anywhere except in our arms or in our bed. We had no intention of co- sleeping, but I have taken a crash course because its the only way to get him to sleep.  He has spent maybe ten hours total in his bassinet and most of that was screaming. If he is VERY sleepy he will sleep in his RNP pretty well, but for the most part the second he leaves my arms he is awake. Not screaming or even fussing that bad, but very awake and eventually gets loud until I pick him up. 

How do I get him to fall asleep without being on me. Or, alternatively, i love when he sleeps on me! So is this ok? Is it something he will grow out of?  I appreciate the advice. For now I am enjoying the cuddles, just worried about the long term.  

Re: Sleeping problems. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Ugh my first was like that! I know how exhausting it is! I always swaddle and rocked him to sleep....actually it was more like running around the house to get him to go to sleep. And it was hard putting him down bc he'd often wake right up. I kept putting
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  • Have you tried swaddling him, holding him, and then putting him down asleep while he's still swaddled? He'll still be warm and cozy and might not realize he's not being held anymore.
    Honestly, what I would [and did] do was just keep trying to put h
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  • It is tough, but take heart, it is only because he loves you so much!  We planned on cosleeping with both and wound up bedsharing with both bc we discovered that we all get a lot more sleep when baby is snuggled up to the breast.  

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  • You're not doing something wrong.  Most babies prefer to be next to their mamas through the night.  I'm a big believer in the fourth trimester and it makes sense that a baby, who is used to being warm and cozy inside your womb and hearing you

  • I'm a BIG believer in doing whatever works for the first few months. My DD1 was like your LO and it was so exhausting. I was never able to sleep when holding her or when bedsharing so we both basically never got any sleep. That being said, if you can succ
  • Ug, do I get it!!!! My daughter did not sleep through the night until she was four and a half years old.  She also wouldn't sleep anywhere but in my arms, against my chest.  You are not alone!!!

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  • DD is 2 weeks old and we have the same issue... on the one hand, I LOVE having her fall asleep on my chest, and it doesn't interfere with me sleeping.   So far, whenever I've tried putting her in the co-sleeper a

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