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MIL baby shower vent

I've posted about her before.. she's absolutely nuts!!! Anyway, about a month and a half ago, she brought up doing a meet and greet shower when baby is 2 weeks old... and my DH and I said not that soon if you're doing one of those, cause I'm not exposing my baby to all those germs at 2 weeks and he's not being passed around 30 people at that point. She freaked out and went on about whenever she tries to do anything nice for us we kick her in the face. We simply explained that I'm going to be exhausted when he's 2 weeks old, and probably won't be in much of a "party mood" so if she was going to do this type of shower to do it later on when we've settled and he will not be passed around like candy - but how can we say that without sounding like a B***t??? 

Keep in mind, this was over a month ago, and she just sent me a msg yesterday asking me if I'm available May 11 for a baby shower... I'm due May 23... I said "well I will be available if I'm not in labour!" she went on about how its the only Saturday she is available, and it has to be on a pay week. I suggested doing it on a Sunday in April because I don't want to be 38 and a half weeks pregnant at it... She said she's going out every Saturday night and therefore will be too tired to host a party on a Sunday, and that she works on Monday, so she doesn't want the clean up (she had my bridal shower on a Sunday, so I don't know what changed). I just think it's funny that she's going to be too tired to host on a Sunday when I'm probably going to be so uncomfortable and tired at 38 weeks.. Oooops, I forgot, it's all about her right? It's not my body or my child.... ughhhh!

I don't really know what to do... Am I crazy for thinking that May 11 is too late for it, or is it bad I don't want a shower when he's 2 weeks old??


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