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Two Thing Tues: Wed Edition

I thought yesterday was Monday all day... Oops sorry!

I'll make them short and sweet for Jesselayne :)

1. If your fingernails/toenails are painted, what color are they?

2. What are on your feet? 

Re: Two Thing Tues: Wed Edition

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    1. My toenails are French tipped with purple and the big toes have really pretty flowers. I get like 4 pedicures a year so it will have to last until I can get American flags or something. 

    2. I have Halloween socks on. Yup.  

  • 1 Nothing on fingers - toes are a bright pink

    2 Brown socks and brown Clarks  pumps

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  • 1. Naked fingers and toes right now. I just bought some shimmery hot pink polish that will be going on my toes prior to leaving for our cruise next week.

    2. Lime green socks. 


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  • 1. No finger nail polish, but my toenails are dark pink.

    2. Barefo

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  • 1.  Green - due to the celebration of the holiday that was this past weekend.  I even have Shamrocks painted on my big toes :)

    2.  Nothing right now as I just got out of the shower, but in search of my slippers as it is COLD here i



  • 1. Nothing. I never do my fingers, because they seem to look terrible after about 2 days. My toes are almost always painted, but I haven't had time to do them lately.

    2. Black ballet flats.

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  • 1. Fingers are a bright coral pink cause it's what my mom had at her house. Toes are dark brown from. My last pedicure which is going to have to last probably til summer.

    2. I have black pumps on.

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  • 1. Nothing on fingernails. Toes are bright pink.
    2. I'm barefoot with my feet up.
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  • 1. Toe nails are grey (with a fancier name than grey). Fingers are always bare.

    2. Naked feet. Always naked feet at home.

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  • Toes are purple my favorite color, hands are bare because I wash my hands 1000x at work so they chip so easily.

    I am barefoot in bed: I work 3rd shift.
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  • 1. Bare right now but my toes are usually pink
    2. Brown ankle Boots and Hanes socks
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  • 1. Fingernails - none.  I have the gross habit of biting my nails....Feet - old nail polish that is barely on... Ugh.

    2. What are on your feet? 

    Nude color Steve Madden P-Heaven flats!  I LOVE these shoes and have them in


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  • 1. No polish anywhere, although I'm planning on painting my nails orange for baseball opening day in April - go Giants :)

    2. Black boots and black socks. It rained today and my waterproof shoe selection is limited (what can I say? I live in Calif

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  • Clear polish on both fingernails and toes! 

    I am wearing black socks and tan Sketchers right now :-) 

    DS born 12/2011
    DD born 03/2014

  • Awww thank you for thinking of me :)

    1. No polish on nails or toes.  I want a pedicure so bad!!

    2.  Gold ballet flats 

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  • 1) I haven't done any painting projects with DD in forever, so nothing painted for the hands...

    2) DH would say "sand paper!"  The other day he commented about just how dry/scratchy/cracked my feet are - I told him he'd need to find a good p

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