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BF, working mom - question:

I posted this on the BFing board as well.... 

STM or Mom's that have went through this:

 At daycare, Tanner drinks 8oz bottles, about every 5 hours, on average. I am still pumping ever 3 hours, and I am keeping up with him.

I would like to change my supply around so that I can pump maybe every 4 or 5 hours but still get the same amount of milk that I am getting now- Because on the weekends, I feel like he's having to breastfeed more often because he's used to drinking 8 oz at a time, and I'm not producing 8oz, I'm producing about 4oz every 3 hours.

Is there a good way to start transitioning my body to do this, or will it make my supply tank?

Any information is appreciated. TIA!

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Re: BF, working mom - question:

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