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UPDATED: WTF is going on with my baby's sleep??

UPDATE: yup, both ears are infected, one a little and one a lot.  Poor babes, fx that the correct tylenol dose and his antibiotics let him get some sleep tonight. 

The last 3 days have been disasters of EPIC proportions.  He just does not want to sleep at night and I'm going BSC.  He has literally never been like this.  Always just went right to bed, he would wake up to eat or to get his paci back....but right now he just SCREAMS when you try to put him down.  When we finally get him down it's whimpering and fidgeting and restless.  We finally gave up and brought him in bed with us, if I had him snuggled right up to me he finally slept.  Gah!  I'm going bonkers.  I'm taking him to the pedi to make sure it isn't an ear infection or something... I've given him tyelnol each night but it hasn't helped...but I'm not sure if I need to change his dosing?  

I'm going crazy... this makes the 4 mo wakeful look like nothing. 


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Re: UPDATED: WTF is going on with my baby's sleep??

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