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Swing sets

My DD will be turning 3 in May and for her birthday we would like to get a swing set. Does anyone have suggestions on the brand or model? I haven't used one in years so I thought I'd see if anyone has a favorite or knows of a good one to get.


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Re: Swing sets

  • Our DS just turned 3 and we bought him the Flexible Flyer Swingin Fun Set from Walmart. It has a slide, glider, see saw, and 3 swings. He loves it, it's not too big for him, but big enough that he won't outgrow it for years.
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  • We have a wooden one from ToysRUs - Big Backyard brand - and I would NOT recommend them.  The wood is flimsy and did  not tolerate the winter in Ohio very well.  I wish I had spent a little more and gotten a more durable set.
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  • We got this set from Sam's Club, and it's really a great swingset. It did take DH quite a long time to put together, but it was completely worth it. I

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