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So upset (sorry long) need to vent.

I was so happy to post a couple days ago that I was going to be induced Tuesday evening. Well, things have been nothing but nuts since then. Here's what has happened.

Tuesday I started my maternity leave for the impending nighttime labor. I was determined to work until baby was ready to arrive because I started a new position around the time I found out I was pregnant and don't have the luxury of vacation time for my leave. I get a call Tuesday afternoon that the hospital had to push back my induction due to them not having enough room for me. Although I was bummed and missed a day of work, I was understanding. Things happen. They reschedule me for 6:30am Wednesday morning. 

This morning at 5:00am, I get a call from the hospital. They say that they still don't have room for me and they want me to call them back around 9:00am to see if they can get me in. I didn't sleep very well last night, so much anticipation. So at the very least, even though I continue to be bummed, I saw it as an opportunity to get some more rest. Needless to say I didn't sleep, but at least I rested.

8:00am I get another call from the hospital. They have completely called off my induction due to my doctor being sick and I need to reschedule with the clinic I go to. Are you kidding me? I get that all of this is out of my control but at that point, I broke down. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions since yesterday and I just want things to get going. Now I've started my maternity leave without feeling any closer to going into labor. On top of that, because my doctor is sick and my back up doctor is out of town, if I were to go into labor before she gets better I would have to be seen by a doctor that I absolutely cannot stand. 

As a side story, I haven't even been able to see my regular doctor for over two weeks now because first she was stuck at the Dallas airport, then she had an emergency c-section, now she's sick. I'm scared to ask what else could happen here. 

Regardless, I'm going in today at 10:45am for a non stress test with who else, the doctor I can't stand, to make sure that little man is doing ok. If he IS doing ok, we are just going to wait out until my doctor gets better or I go into labor naturally. If he's not doing so great, I will be induced at some point by this other doctor. 

Sigh. I hate to be a "woe is me" type of person but with everything going on, I'm just super down in the dumps mixed with anger. 

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Re: So upset (sorry long) need to vent.

  • I feel your pain! I got the same phone call yesterday, was supposed to go in last night, but there was no room for me. Im supposed to go in tonight, but I'm not getting my hopes too up because I know it could get bumped again.  The emotional roller c
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  • image Devbo18:
    I feel your pain! I got the same phone call yesterday, was supposed to go in last night, but there was no room for me
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  • Of the 3 doctors in my practice, there are 2 that I like, and one that I don't care for. My water broke and I went into labor naturally, at the end of one of the preferred doctor's shifts. I wasn't progressing and they started me on pitocin with the do

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  • How frustrating! At least you didn't get to the hospital before you found out your doc was sick. Honestly, you spend most of your time with the nurses, so don't stress too much if you get stuck with the bad doc. Good luck!
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