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I have seen a lot of post about people going into labor but they call the dr or hospital before they go in. I don't know if that's just a state to state thing or just curtain doctors. But I've never had to call while in labor just go to L&D no need to tell the dr they call your dr once you get there anyways unless the dr is already there working. Just curious why people are told to do that? Maybe my dr is just weird lol.
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  • Mine say to call and they go through their question list thing and decide if they want me to come in or not.
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  • I think people are calling because they are concerned about something and then are told to go to L&D. But I could be wrong. I don't have to call either. My OB's office is right across the street from the hospital and although I don't know exactly wher
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  • FTM here so I'm not sure what's the norm, but my Dr. advised me that I need to give them a call first. I'm not exactly sure why, but that is a question I would like to find out..
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  • Not sure, it's just a policy of my Doctor's.  If I don't call, there isn't a penalty, I just have to wait longer for them to get there.  I think part of it is to stop women from going too early.  (e.g. I am not supposed to go in until th

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  • they want you to call so you don't go in if you don't need too. A lot of women (especially if they haven't experienced labor before) jump the gun. Mine also like the heads up that you are heading in, so they can check on you right away.
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  • It may have more to do with the hospital you are delivering at. I know my dr's office is the one that registered me and has been sending my information regularly to the hospital. Last week when I called my dr and he sent me to L&D, they were the on

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  • For my practice, part of it is to determine if you should go in at all and the other is to make sure there is enough staff from the practice there to assist you. Its a very small hospital and 2 different practices deliver there.

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    Mine say to call and they go through their question list thing and decide if they want me to come in or not.
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  • My OB and midwife prefer you to labor at home as long as is comfortable/safe and they also like to beat you to the hospital so that you see them for intake & your initial exam, hence the call before going to the hospital.
  • We are supposed to call.  The MW usually asks some questions to see if she feels it is time to head in yet or not. 


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  • My dr told me to call before going in so that she'd have the heads up to meet me there.  However, I would suspect it also is so that they can talk to anxious moms about their symptoms first, and possibly save them a trip to the hospital prematurely.&
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  • I was told to call my doctor on his cell phone during the day or evening so he can head to the hospital himself to meet me there. Unless it's overnight, then I call L&D to let them know I'm on my way and they will call my doctor if necessary in the

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    they want you to call so you don't go in if you don't need too. A lot of women (especially if they haven't exper
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  • I need to ask my office their preferences. My practice is set up with on-call doctors for daytime and overnight and instead of going to L&D, there's a Pregnancy Assessment Center you go to first that's staffed by a resident. They monitor you there and
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  • Ha.  I feel like a slacker FTM.  I don't really know if I am supposed to call or not.  It probably doesn't matter, because the hospital I'm going to is the only hospital in the city that has L&D, so it is well equipped.  Also, ther
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  • The doctors that are officiated with our hospital have to call ahead to let L&D know you are coming before you get there. That's why they ask that you call them first.

    At our hospital, if I didn't call my OB's office to tell them I was in lab

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  • I was told to call my midwives first. With DS she wanted to make sure I was in active labor and she needed to call the hospital to reserve a birthing room with a birthing tub.
    This time, same midwife, different hospital, she wants to get there ahead
  • My doctor said to just go in if contractions are 5 min apart, I'm leaking fluid or bleeding. On our hospital tour, they said we should call L&D to let them know we're coming, just so they're ready for me. I guess I'll call my doctor if I have other co
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  • Our hospital prefers that you call L&D before coming in because:


    1) They have a lot of people that would otherwise come in too soon.


    2) If patients call ahead when possible, the


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