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Food Question

Has anyone started giving their LO regular food (not baby food) but like cut up bananas or mashed potatoes...also does anyone give their LO anything other than BM or formula to drink? TIA!!
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Re: Food Question

  • I think a lot of the people doing BLW have fed all sorts of things.  We're not doing BLW, but Emily has had sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, cucumbers, pickles, noodles, and various other things.  I try to limit her consumption of anything with d

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  • LO is eating pretty much everything we are, except tougher meats. She loves it! She also gets a little bit of juice daily mixed with water.


  • Once we gave him his first taste of table food, he never wanted the purees again. We've been on table food for about 2 months now and it's going great. The only things he drinks are formula on the regular and juice in a sippy cup during snacks.
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  • Our LO eats anything we'll give her, mainly have the purees but now she's helping MH eat a banana and the other night we decided to see what she thought of spaghetti. She loved it and actually did better figuring out her pincer grasp with that than s


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  • All the time - she has been eating bits and pieces here and there since about 6 months (we started purees a little over 4mo). 

    She loves feeding herself now, to the extent that she fusses constantly if we try to feed her purees without le

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  • We've tried table foods, but DS gets the "Ew, icky" look on his face and usually gags (and sometimes barfs). He likes the mum mum crackers, but anything else is hit or miss. He likes most purees and has had some sips of water.
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