Question for those who've had a c section

I am having my first c section on April 2nd and whereas I'm pretty clear on what happens before the baby's arrival, I was wondering how anxious you may have been when they spent the 30 minutes to an hour stitching you up. Did you nap, talk to the doctors, feel anxious about the baby? I know in the scheme of things it is not that long, but I just hate that I won't be able to be with my little guy!

Thanks for your input!

Re: Question for those who've had a c section

  • My doctor and everybody else in the room did a great job of talking with me, even joking a bit.. in my case it really, really flew by.  I'm sure it varies from case to case but I've heard most of my friends talk about similar experiences, too.  
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  • I didn't even notice how long it was, honestly.  

    The way it worked for me is LO exited, cried, DH snapped a few pictures, they showed her to us, and started stitching me as DH and she went into the little room to clean her off and check her


  • They started stitching me up right after DD was out, so some of the time was spent watching DD get cleaned up and taking pictures. After DH left with DD to go to the nursery, I was only in the OR for a few more minutes. DD was born at 7:47 and I was back


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  • My OB starting stitching me up when DS was getting weighed, measured, cleaned up, etc.  Once DS was ready to go, DH brought him over to me.  Then he took DS to the recovery room.  It only took my OB about 15 minutes more to finish stitching
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  • I was so doped up I don't really remember it. I could hear DS crying, and remember DH being there, and that's it.
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  • No, all my anxiety (for both my unscheduled c/s & scheduled RCS) was gone by the time they were closing up. I had BP issues the second time, so they can changing the position of the table, I would get light headed, but overall I was fine, and

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  • Honestly, I don't remember it being that long (being stitched up). My son was taken to the NICU for respiratory distress right away (I didn't even get to hold him, but at least my husband did). My anesthesiologist gave me a sedative for my
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  • Well it did not seem very long for me, but I was out of it and a little sick from the medicine. Honestly- I say get any rest you can. They brought the baby in every few hours for me to feed him but only if I was feeling ok. A c-section is still a major su


  • The room was a fun atmosphere. Everyone was talking about Lucas while he was getting cleaned up and then he was handed to me and I was with him the rest of the time.
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  • We chatted about random things- the nurses and docs did a good job of chatting and keeping me involved in conversation. :)

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  • Like PPs have said my doctor starting stitching me up once DS was out. By the time DH and DS left the room to go to the nursery they were at least half way through. My doctor and anesthesiologist were quoting lines from Talledega Nights and since DH loves
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  • I was put out right after she was born on the 1st one (long story) but for the second one, H went over and took pictures of her and I got to talk to the nurse and pedi who looked her over.  She had to go to the NICU for a little bit, otherwise she

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  • That last half hour I didn't even have any thoughts about what they were doing because my DD was in DH arms and on my chest with DH's help. Not to mention the juice man talked to me when Dh was over while DD was getting her APAGAR test so time just flew i
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  • It didn't seem that long at all. My docs talked to me, DH talked to me and told me about the baby. Then he followed the baby to wherever she went. LOL I'm not even sure I know where they went after all these years.

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    I was so doped up I don't really remember it. I could hear DS crying, and remember DH being there, and that's it.
  • I felt really nauseated.  I mostly just closed my eyes and prayed for it to be over soon.  DH went with the baby to the newborn nursery.  My blood pressure bottomed out when I got the epidural, so I was on IV meds to keep my blood pressure
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  • DH was at my head with DS the entire time, and it didn't seem like it took too long. My head hurt from tilting to look at DS, and I was freezing, but I was very overwhelmed with the birth experience so time flew by. They took DS for a moment to get him ch
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    It flew by, I don't even really remember it taking that long. I just wanted to sit up and hold my baby.
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  • jcar2jcar2
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    I had a horrible experience once DS was out. I felt way more than I should have, no one in the room was talking to me, and I started getting really nauseous It literally felt like forever for them to stitch me up. I couldn't even look at DH holding DS as
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    I was busy joking with my doctor. I asked him the old joke about being able to play the violin after it was over and other stuff.  He actually asked me to stop making him laugh.  I told him I was just doing his job- keeping him in stiches. 
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  • Thanks, everyone, for your replies!! It helps to know what I may expect and that in general, it doesn't seem to take too long. I really appreciate your responses!
  • For me, I was done an able to hold my baby 10-15 minutes after he was born.  In fact, I was shocked when they lowered the curtain and said....all done!

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  • It didn't seem like it was very long, but I was pretty drugged and completely out of it.  The whole procedure really didn't last long at all.
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  • It flew by and my anesthesiologist was talking to me the whole time. Then I was wheeled back to my room and husband and baby came in shortly after. Good luck!!

  • Well, with DD1, my c-section was unplanned, and the epidural wore off about halfway through the procedure. They pumped me up with so many drugs after that that I have no memory of the time they were stitching me up.

    With DD2 I had a planned c-sec

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  • I don't even remember it being long at all. Time really passes by fast you won't even realize.  

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  • A lot of it depends on your hospital and situation. At my hospital they do not separate mom and baby unless something is wrong. My DH held her at my head until they were done and then the handed her to me and I held her while I was wheeled to recovery.

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  • I have no idea how long it took. DH stayed by DD side until we met up in the room. The moment she was out, I passed out. My body gave out. I had an emergency csec after three days of intensity. I was relieved she was healthy and safe and just let my body
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