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Postpartum recovery.

How is everyone feeling and healing? Feeling a little rough over here still. Wish my bladder remembered it has to pee! How is everyone else?

Re: Postpartum recovery.

  • I'm feeling pretty good. My belly is still a bit tender especially when I have pressure on it. I've been trying to do things around the house and play with DS but I'm finding that this has been too much so I'm trying to rest more now. I only had a small 1

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  • I feel like I have to pee way more than when I was even pregnant.  I guess it's good, I'm getting rid of all this water.  The cramping is pretty intense, again, it's good because the ute is shrinking but it's way worse when I'm feeding her so th
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  • C Section Mommy here, been two weeks.  Other than the sunburn like feeling above my incision doing ok.  I wish I could take this baby out for walks but the Ped doesn't want me to take the baby out for six weeks because of flu season.  Ug

  • I'm 11 days postpartum. I had to have an episiotomy, after which the doctor gave me "a lot" of stitches. Stool softener has helped, but it's a surprise whenever I realize I have to go, because it's very much a NOW situation.

    Most of the swelling

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  • I'm about six days postPartum 2nd time mom and although my abdomen and breasts/nipples feel fine, I'm still bleeding a bit and my episiotomy is extremely tender. My back is also all out of whack. To be honest, it's been quite rough. Luckily my mom is here
  • Just two days postpartum and besides the usual pains down below, my arms are KILLING me. My Dr. had me use bars to pull up on during pushing instead of pulling on my legs. It's a pain I wasn't expecting. Holding baby during feeding is a chore.
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  • Still having a light flow at 12 days after his birth. The only pain I still have is just below my HURTS when I stand up or sit down. I actually came out of the hospital at about 5 lbs under my prepregnancy weight. Switched over wardrobe

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  • Healing has been difficult! I fully understand your bladder issue.  I couldn't pee for 2 months after the birth of my first, and my bladder stopped working at 1 week postpartum this time.  I had a catheter for 2 weeks and a lovely
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