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Is this even ok?

I go to my doctor's appointment and sit for an hour before a nurse comes out to tell the waiting room full of people that the doctor just got called down to a c section, which would take about an hour.
Since I was accompanied by my baby's father and his sister, I figured if better reschedule. I asked the nurse to reschedule me, and she gives me this look and says, "you know the doctor will be gone until the 2nd?"
I stared at her. "My due date is the first." She hurried off to ask the doctor what should be done.
What makes me angry isn't that he is taking a vacation, it's that I've been in that office every week or every other week for about 2 or 3 months now, and today was the first I'd heard that he was leaving, during my delivery date. By the way he leaves tomorrow. I was told that basically when I go into labor and go into the ER, I will be assigned one out of 5 doctors who will be in rotation.
And yes I'm a first time mother.. I was anxious enough and now I'm pretty upset, and nervous that whichever doctor I get I will not feel comfortable having them deliver my baby. And what about my specifications? I feel like I was not given enough warning; I just would've liked to find another doctor who I could talk to about my birth plan and concerns.

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