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Random: my fear long

I feel like all of the ladies on this board give good advice and are pretty open. I need some advice on how to get over a fear of mine.

I have a fear of someone breaking into my home. Especially since I am a SAHM now and I am home all of the time. I have had this fear for a while now. When I was pregnant I couldnt sleep because of it. If I could sleep it would be in the afternoon, on the couch, with a bottle of pepper spray in hand.

Ive never had anything happen to make me have this fear. We don't live in a particularly bad neighborhood. In fact, I have a police officer that lives across the street, along with an active military man, and retired military a few houses down.

We don't have a lot of money to get a security system or anything and my husband thinks I am crazy and this is an irrational fear. But, for those of you who stay at you have this fear? What do you do? What do you do if someone knocks on the door that you don't know?

I typically grab the baby and we stay quiet but the tv is usually on and the lights are on. But, I also go into panic mode. Also, today after baby j wouldn't sleep last night we were napping and someone knocked on the door and I didn't get up as the baby was sleeping on my chest. Now I am paranoid that they cased my house! I need help trying to get over this fear and all the therapist wants to do is dope me up.

Sorry for the long post

Any advice is appreciated.

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